Mapping Connections: Australia and Latin America

26758-01This workshop will explore the connections between Latin America and Australia from various perspectives. While scholars from both Australia and Latin American nations are very practiced at noticing connections with Europe, the United States or the North Atlantic more generally, how nations and regions in the Global South relate to each other remains unclear.

This event is designed around the purpose of investigating affinities, connections, and tensions between Australia and Latin America. More than a survey of Latin American Studies in Australia, we would like to open up a space of discussion and reflection on how Latin America is imagined, created, and approached, from an Australian-based academic perspective. At its core, this project is about trajectories of scholarly work that are positioned within the tensions and ambiguities of ideas, images, aesthetic sensibilities, knowledge paradigms and histories of contact that travel across this particular south-south axis.

Mapping Connections is sponsored by The Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies and Race and Ethnicity in the Global South, a research programme supported by an ARC laureate fellowship in the Department of Hisotry and the Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine, at The University of Sydney.