Southern Oceanic Topologies and Genealogies

Southern Oceanic Topologies and Genealogies: Genetic Explorations of the Pacific and Australasia

An international workshop at the University of Sydney, 12-14 December 2016

Conveners: Warwick Anderson (Sydney), Emma Kowal (Deakin), Joanna Radin (Yale)Wilkinson


The workshop will bring together historians of biology with Indigenous historians and other historians and anthropologists of the Pacific and Australasia to formulate, and perhaps to answer, new questions. How does the increasing mobility of Indigenous blood and other specimens correlate with the mobility and migration of Indigenous persons? What are the connections, or contrasts, between new biological temporalities and Pacific and other Indigenous historicities and chronicities? Are new forms of subjectivity, identity, and biosociality articulated through these researches, amonglocal peoples and among scientists? What does it mean for genealogies to become genetic? What constitutes an intermediary or broker in these exchanges, and how? How are biovalue and other forms of value negotiated, imposed, or contested? What does it mean for one’s blood or DNA to be archived? Are these scientific studies—which bring deathly things into conversation with life—disciplinary or governmental projects, or are they libidinal investments in surveillance and archival possession, claims to a new form of sovereignty? Above all, we seek to refigure the Pacific and Australasia as places of knowledge making, not to collude in the imperial vision of the global south as no more than a data mine or place of passive reception of scientific verities.

Presenters: Warwick Anderson (Sydney), Chris Ballard (ANU), Soraya de Chadarevian (UCLA), Simon Easteal (ANU), Joan Fujimura (Wisconsin), Sebastián Gil-Riaño (Penn), Emma Kowal (Deakin), Susan Lindee (Penn), Matt Matsuda (Rutgers), Projit Mukharji (Penn), Joanna Radin (Yale), Ricardo Roque (Lisboa), Nicola van Dijk (ANU), Ricardo Ventura Santos (FioCruz), Sandra Widmer (MPIWG, Berlin), Christine Winter (Flinders).

Discussants: Raewyn Connell (Sydney), Melinda Cooper (Sydney), Bronwen Douglas (ANU), Nadine Ehlers (Sydney), Paul Griffiths (Sydney), Miranda Johnson (Sydney), Margaret Jolly (ANU), Ben Silverstein (Sydney), Matthew Spriggs (ANU), Catherine Waldby (ANU), Sarah Walsh (Sydney).

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