Janet Golden: I read, I wrote, I learned and I talked

Professor Janet Golden, who finishes her visiting fellowship with the Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science and REGS at the end of this month, reflects on her time here:

As a Visiting Scholar at REGS in 2015 I read, I wrote, I learned and I talked. That’s it. Pretty simple. The reading and writing were for the book I’m writing called Babies Made Us Modern exploring the ways in which infants drew 20th century families into the worlds of medical science, consumer culture, government programs, and modern psychology. The learning involved attending History Department seminars, US Studies Centre seminars, and most of all, speaking with the wonderful graduate students, post-docs, faculty, and visitors at REGS. I’m heading back across the Atlantic with a much richer understanding of global health history thanks to them. Shout outs to James Dunk, Samantha Killmore, Pamela Maddock, Sarah Walsh, Sebastian Gil-Riano, Hans Pols, Victoria Grieves, Vanessa Heggie, and Warwick Anderson. I had an opportunity to speak at History on Monday, at VELIM, and to History Department at Monash University (Melbourne). Vanessa Heggie and I also made a presentation about blogging and on academic publication. It was a terrific opportunity for me and I’m grateful to everyone who made it happen and who enriched my time here.