Forgotten wars

I recently wrote that Christine Winter would be interviewed for several radio programmes in the wake of her involvement in a Sydney Ideas panel a on Anzac Day. She continued as a darling of national radio in June: part of a special Radio National event interrogating the way the first world war is perceived. World War One: Memory, Perception and 10 Contested Questions was produced by Gary Bryson and presented over ten hours by Geraldine Doogue, Antony Funnell, Ann Jones, Norman Swan, Michael Cathcart, David Rutledge, Lorena Allam and Waleed Aly.

Part 3 of the programme, Slideshows, explored those martial theatres which are often considered marginal, or neglected altogether. Entente commanders believed that the war would be decided on the Western Front and that everything else was a “sideshow”, but the Great War also raged in Italy, Austria, Russia, Palestine, Turkey, and New Guinea. How important were these theatres of war to the outcome of the conflict?

The landmark programme aired on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th June from 12-5pm. The audio from Slideshows can be downloaded here. The full broadcast is available here and details about the programme can be found in the ABC’s media release.