Looking After One’s Own

Christine’s monograph is receiving excellent reviews. Just out, Stewart Firth in the Australian Journal of Politics and History, vol. 59, no. 3 (2013), pp. 477-8:

The focus of this study is the political stance of the mission towards the Nazi party in the late Weimar period. The author … is well qualified to address this issue. She has a sophisticated, critical and yet sympathetic understanding of the history of Bavarian Lutheranism and of the reasons why mission leaders … were increasingly drawn to the doctrine of national renewal advocated by the fast-growing Nazi party in the early 1930s. .. Drawing extensively on government and missionary archives in Germany and Australia, especially those in Neuendettelsau itself, Christine Winter has written a remarkably interesting and original account of a little known aspect of the history of Weimar and Nazi Germany, one that intersects in unexpected ways with the history of Australia and New Guinea as well.

Christine Winter, Looking After One’s Own: The Rise of Nationalism and the Politics of the Neuendettelsauer Mission in Australia, New Guinea and Germany (1921-1933), Germanica Pacifica, Peter Lang Verlag, 2012.